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How to Sell With Integrity (A Look at our own Sales Methodology)

by Conor Smith | May 2, 2017

It’s never a good feeling when a partnership or sale doesn’t work out. There’s the obvious impact (or lack thereof) on the bottom line, the cost of time spent on the potential deal, and the extra resources that’ll need to be spent to find and make another sale/partnership.

On the other hand, it’s highly enjoyable (fun even) when the sales process is smooth. A sale or partnership in which communication was easy and the solution quickly designed and implemented results in great value to everyone involved. So how do you ensure most of your sales and partnerships go smoothly?

You sell with integrity. We didn’t decide to sell with integrity because we wanted every deal to be smooth. We chose this sales methodology because we know we’re providing great value to customers by doing so. It just has the added bonus of being a sales process that runs efficiently and creates value for both us and the customer.

Here’s how we sell, and how you can follow in our steps:


When meeting with a new customer, we check for whether there’s a fit in terms of the potential technical solution and whether we’re a fit for each other in our communication style.

This can be such a rewarding experience, not just serving a customer’s needs but really partnering with them.


We get a sense of new customers early in the sales process. Their strategy and where the solution fits, what good looks like, what exceptional looks like, and even their interests in work and hobbies/play. This helps us decide which .gifs to send!

Remember to do your due diligence by taking a look at their social media accounts.


Physical cards with notes of thanks and specific details go a long way. Or fun emails with a .jpg or .gif included. Consideration, acknowledgment and empathy build great teams (across businesses).


By following these 4 quick points, selling with integrity as well as designing and implementing solutions that work will become natural to you. And, as a bonus, it’ll make both your life and your customer’s life a little bit easier.

Wishing you well,