Revolutionizing Business in the Legal Industry

by Conor Smith | April 26, 2018

If you work in the legal industry, you probably already know that legal documents which need signing, tend to be supplied in paper form. But why does it have to be paper? Why can’t it be in a digital format, like PDF? Why are legal companies slow to adapt to technologies that are rapidly innovating the way that companies do business? We will look at some of the issues that our customers come to us with and describe how we solve them with our PDF technology.

Why use Paper?

Paper comes with a wide range of issues that have widely been criticized and no solutions sought. As the oldest way of doing business in the legal world, it has its perks and it has its negatives. Our customers have noticed many of these issues and brought them to our attention:

  • Poor quality – Documents can be hard to read, and the quality may be reduced depending on the printer used, and the handling of the document,
  • Missing pages – Due to a jam or malfunction during printing or scanning, and/or the mishandling of files over time,
  • Non-searchable – If you want to reference a page or find a clause within a paper file you must search manually,
  • Lost or misplaced pages – Humans can be clumsy,
  • Misfiled documents – Finding old reference documents can be difficult or impossible to find due to no full-text indexing

The PDF Offering

You might be saying to yourself that there must be a better way to do business and the answer is yes! PDF is a better way to do business. Up until recently PDF was primarily a desktop document viewing solution that didn’t factor into the everyday running of a business. This has changed over the past three years where PDF companies like us have invested in research to make PDF a more universally used technology, not solely for desktop anymore but for mobile devices also.

No longer do you have to zoom into and scroll across a document to read it, we have reflow!
No longer do you need to sign a paper document and take a picture of it, we have digital signatures!
No longer are you required to print a document to leave notes on it, we have digital annotations and mark-up!

If all that wasn’t enough, we are glad to say that all these features are fully functional on any device you or your clients use. That means laptops, desktops, iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy phones; all major operating systems are privy to our technology so that you and your clients can do business in the comfort of your own homes, from the comfort of your own devices.

The Foxit Way

Foxit believes in building future focused products. We provide the most robust PDF SDK technology which has helped legal firms, and ISV’s who offer software for legal firms. They can eliminate the problems associated with doing business digitally by streamlining processes to make it feel more like the paper-centric process that came before it.

Our development kits can help you in many ways by:

  • Enabling secure signing of documents from your firm’s website or email,
  • Allowing review & signing from within your firm’s mobile application,
  • Introducing reflow text so there is no need to scroll right to left to read documents digitally,
  • Rendering documents in night mode so that clients can understand and sign documents anywhere, and at any time,
  • Allowing access to files on any device and operating system

Interested in learning more about our technology? Then check out our Mobile and Web PDF SDK’s. Want to see how it works? Download a free trial of our MobilePDF SDK and see how it can help your company become more efficient with the way you support your clients. Try our demo of WebPDF Viewer to see the kind of functionality you can add to your firm’s website.

Want to get started with a demo or POC? Just let us know!