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Open, render and view PDF documents across all platforms and devices, and preserve your content long-term. Our years of industry expertise means our technology is fast, accurate and robust.

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PDF documents contain everything needed to visualize the document — fonts, graphics, and a technical description of how the page should look are combined by the PDF software transformed into a visual representation of each page.

Test out PDF viewing in your application using this code:

public void renderPage(int index) { PDFDoc doc = Common.loadPDFDoc(mContext, mPath, null); String outputFilePath = "test.jpg"; PDFPage pdfPage = Common.loadPage(mContext, doc, index, PDFPage.e_ParsePageNormal); // Create the bitmap and erase its background. Bitmap bitmap = Bitmap.createBitmap((int)pdfPage.getWidth(), (int)pdfPage.getHeight(), Bitmap.Config.ARGB_8888); bitmap.eraseColor(Color.WHITE); Matrix2D matrix = pdfPage.getDisplayMatrix(0, 0, (int)pdfPage.getWidth(), (int)pdfPage.getHeight(), Constants.e_Rotation0); Renderer renderer = new Renderer(bitmap, true); // Render the page to bitmap. Progressive progressive = renderer.startRender(pdfPage, matrix, null); int state = Progressive.e_ToBeContinued; while (state == Progressive.e_ToBeContinued) { state = progressive.resume(); } progressive.delete(); if (state == Progressive.e_Error) { // Error return; } // Save the render result to the jpeg image if (false == Common.SaveImageFile(bitmap, Bitmap.CompressFormat.JPEG, outputFilePath)) { // Failed to save return; } renderer.delete(); pdfPage.delete(); Common.releaseDoc(mContext, doc); } }
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Developer Benefits

Interactive document viewing in the palm of your hand

Long-term preservation with PDF/A

Our PDF SDK supports all PDF/A standards including creating, viewing, converting and validating. PDF/A limits what is allowed in a PDF, making the files self-contained without any reliance on any external data, ensuring it will render identically far into the future.

PDF Edge case handling

Our superior rendering features are designed to be completely fault tolerant. Any errors during PDF rendering and processing are handled gracefully without crashing.

Support By Real Developers

Foxit’s team of Sales Engineers are PDF experts and coders by trade. They’ll assist you throughout your proof of concept process.

Accurate PDF rendering, every time

Even modest of estimates of PDF documents around the world place the number into the trillions, and counting. There are countless vendors, each producing PDFs in slightly different ways.
Our libraries can render even the most problematic of documents. We handle edge cases, so you don’t have to.

Unmatched industry expertise

We sit on the board of the PDF Association, shaping how PDFs are created, maintained, and progressed. That expertise is used to build our libraries, and passed along to you.

Robust viewing on any device

We’ve optimized for every screen size and device, supporting multi-touch and gestures. Foxit is a pioneer in Out Of Memory (OOM) handling — our Reflow technology interprets documents semantically, adjusting visual presentation to optimize space.

More features

Everything a PDF needs

Built-in UI extension for fast utilization

Bookmarks, Thumbnails, Etc.

Embedded fonts, colors, and images

PDF document page layers

Reflow and mobile viewing

High quality and accurate rendering


Industry Use Cases


Engineers need high quality blueprints that are oftentimes large digital files. Converting these documents to PDF not only lowers the chance of having large files but also guarantees high quality images for site engineers and other staff to mark-up. Our PDF technology can render minute details that allows users to zoom in and make notes on the smallest bolt on the image. Using mobile or handheld devices on sites can be beneficial for engineering and construction workers while still upholding the quality standards that are very important to the industry.

Document Management

Document Management can be complex but, with Foxit’s technology, creating a workflow with high fidelity, accurate documents that are rendered the way the author intended is 100% possible. Give customers a great user experience through adding bookmarks, thumbnails and other document level features that can help them to find things within documents easier.


Archive through PDF/A to ensure long-term preservation so that documents remain consistent over time and devices. Use embedded fonts to allow anyone to open and view documents easily without needing to take any extra steps. Our technology can ensure even the oldest and ill created documents can be opened and rendered, making doing business easy for customers.

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