PDF Trends in Insurance

Top insurance companies around the world have recently adopted PDF technology in their document management processes to collect, store and secure information in both internal operations as well as customer-facing applications.

The Insurance Industry

The insurance industry has seen much upheaval in recent years with new regulations coming into play every six to eight months. PDF technology can ensure the utmost security for your company and customer personal information to counter security breaches, while also allowing collaboration across teams to create contracts that comply with the IDD. Foxit’s powerful PDF technology enables you to plug form data into your database, decreasing the amount of manual work needed to create new accounts or update old ones. Our PDF SDKs allow for a level of automation which makes your workflows seamless and comprehensive.

Collecting customer data

Insurance is known for the use of many different digital forms to process and renew customer contracts. Having consistency and version control is important for this process. Foxit provides you with the platform to build custom form templates, which can be hosted on your intranet so that all departments can create consistent-looking forms, while you manage version control for the whole company.


What happens to all your forms once they have been used? Archiving is an important conversation with large volumes of documents that exist, like in insurance. Organising them in an archiving system that understands the need to search and find information quickly in the future is hugely important. Foxit has worked with many large insurance customers to ensure their archiving system is best in industry.


Ensuring that only the right people have access to forms and documents, especially when it relates to personal information according to GDPR, cannot be treated lightly. Foxit has security features used by big players in all industries which makes sure that personal information is not accessible to the wrong people. Adding passwords to documents and disallowing downloads are only two ways to securely share documents.


For companies using a lot of forms comes a lot of admin to manually input this information into a database and other forms when necessary. Foxit provides the use of smart forms that can be connected to your database. This means that not only can data be transferred to your database, but you can import data from your database into forms also.

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Foxit’s Insurance Customers:

Our Technology Strengths: PDF Forms

PDF Forms have amazing capabilities depending on the needs of your company and customers. They can be used across many different platforms while still rendering correctly, meaning that customers can use a variety of devices to fill in forms. They also are not confined to margins like Microsoft WORD documents are, or require extra data processing, as paper forms do.

Document Archiving

Archiving in PDF has become a best practice for companies with large volumes of documents. Not only is it secure but it holds an ISO Standard to ensure maximum document quality and fidelity, today and in the future.


Our PDF technology can link your PDF forms with your database, saving you admin time and tightens up workflow processes. The ability to export and import form data by XML/FDF/XFDF has helped many leading insurance companies.


Foxit’s security features include Right Management and password protection that is a cut above the rest to ensure that your customer information and company documentation is safe from prying eyes.

Our technology in the field

Big Data and PDF in the Insurance Industry

Big data plays an important role in decisions that companies make. And insurance companies are no different. Find out how here.

Vaudoise Insurance Case Study

Vaudoise chose Foxit SDK due to its performance and annotation capabilities to separate them from the rest of the Insurance industry.

Key Benefits


Streamlined Processes


Increase in Process Automation


Remote Business with Digital Signatures


Responsive on Android and iOS Devices