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Introducing Foxit PDF SDK for Web 7.1

by Conor Smith | October 2, 2019

Foxit PDF SDK for Web has received a big upgrade. This latest release comes with loads of new features, enhancements and further upgrades. Read on below as we look at the update in detail.






More SDK API Functionality

Add and edit API support for Bookmarks
You can now make use of API support for bookmarks in Foxit PDF SDK for Web 7.1 with functionality including bookmark parents and children, names, coordinates (horizontal, vertical), associated page number, URL, determine whether the current page pointed to by the bookmark is valid and whether the bookmark has been opened. Add, copy, delete, set to remove, set color, font style and more bookmark editing features.

Add and edit API support for Form Fields
On the form side of things, you can validate field names, rename, remove, add control, reset forms, calculate the number of fields. You can also get the name, type, value, set password, set max length, set read only and a host of other functionality.

More layout APIs
PDF SDK for Web now supports new layout modes including single, facing, cover facing, continuous cover facing and more to give you more customization options than ever before.

Security APIs
Our web-based viewer now supports PDF encryption by the FileOpen plugin. We also boast asynchronous loading and password encryption/decryption making your application more secure.


Responsive UI PDF viewer

The mobile web viewer UI now comes with the same features as users on a desktop. The menu style is smartly designed in a ribbon format and adjusts in accordance with the device screen size. Tablets with a viewport width are <=768 x <1024 pixels whereas phones are <=320 x <768 pixels. Menu items like annotation undo/redo & XFDF export, shortcut keys, enhancements to web browser performance, text rendering, editing, permission control, search, and rotate have been implemented.

Check out the demo on your mobile here.


Annotation Data Compatibility

Annotations have received an upgrade in version 7.1. We’ve made JSON and XFDF attribute names consistent to make it easier to use our SDK. We also provide an API to map JSON data between version 6.x and 7.x, so you can continue to use your JSON data in 7.x. There’s added support for XFDF richtext to extend the data processing compatibility across different viewer software.


AngularJS Support

AngularJS is now supported by PDF SDK for Web! You can now view PDFs in AngularJS in just a few short minutes. By integrating our SDK with Angular, you can create your own easy to build web apps with a robust tool set in this growing and well supported framework.


More JavaScript Action Support

Action types added include GoToR, a remote go-to action similar to an ordinary go-to action but instead jumps to a destination in another PDF instead of the current one.

With GoToE (go to embedded), a PDF may be embedded in another file. Comments are now also attachable, and can be a name tree in the name dictionary. Inline files may also contain embedded files.

In addition, there’s added support for loading local documents, opening web links, submitting forms, resetting forms, importing data and executing JavaScript.



There’s also a brand new changelog which details all of the PDF SDK for Web updates in full. View the changelog by clicking here.

Beyond this, a number of bugs have also been fixed to ensure that our Web based PDF SDK is the most secure on the market. We’ve also made improvements to the documentation. Check it out here.


For more information please view our release page here or take a trial today to see it for yourself.