Foxit PDF SDK 7.6

Foxit’s first release of 2021 comes with lots of new features and upgrades to our web-based JavaScript web viewer, desktop SDK and mobile SDK.

On the Web SDK side of things, we’ve added a collaboration feature meaning you can now connect multiple clients through a server, webservice or network to the same PDF. Add annotations to a shared file and collaborate in real time with your team for even more efficient document workflows. We’ve also added PDF portfolio support for viewing and downloading PDFs, lots of new form field options as well as major performance enhancements for files with large quantities of annotations.

For our desktop SDK, we’ve added some new APIs to set a DPI limit for image compression, added portfolio support as per the Web SDK above, extended our HTML to PDF conversion to include Linux, along with .TXT to PDF support.

When it comes to mobile, we’ve enhanced the performance of documents containing static XFA forms as well as made improvements to annotation counting, zoom rendering and much more!

New in PDF SDK 7.6

Real-Time Collaboration now Available for Web! 

You can now work with your team in real time on the same document in the Web viewer! Currently capable of synchronizing document-related functionality, page organization and annotations, make the most of working remotely with this feature. If your workflow requires more than one user interacting with the PDF (i.e customers, users, stakeholders), this feature turns your PDF viewer into an interactive document portal, where you can do it all in real time, together.

PDF Portfolio Support Added 

We’ve added support for PDF portfolios with PDF SDK. No longer will you have to drop files into folders that you then have to compress and send on to a receiver. You can now include a cover sheet to ‘introduce’ the files by listing the documents in the portfolio or add any additional information. With integrated text search functionality in the PDF files, make it easier for your users to find the documents they need.


HTML to PDF support for Linux (Windows and Mac too!)

PDF SDK 7.6’s powerful engine can now convert HTML to PDF for Linux with lots of features included. You can retain the tags from HTML pages, set paper size, margins & rotate, convert links, set timeouts, set cookie paths, view in single/multiple page format and much more. Command line calls are also supported, so you can batch convert HTML to PDF document saving you time and improving your workflows.

Static XFA Forms Performance Enhanced

The performance of XFA forms on our mobile SDK has been improved a lot in this release. On the rendering side, the loading time for static XFA forms has reduced significantly giving your users a much better experience when viewing PDFs.


We’ve added a lot of new documentation including print related methods for printing document with specified settings which includes an interface with a progress bar, public properties for bookmarks and more. View our updated documentation here.

PDF SDK for Web has also been fully revamped and the full developer guide is available here.


We’ve revamped the comparison demo as well as brand new demos for functionality such as PDF portfolios, PDF layers, screen annotation samples and more to show you how to get the most out of our new features. Download our SDK here and take a look.