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The Foxit PDF SDK ActiveX is a visual programming component that offers PDF display and annotation capabilities with minimal resource demand and small re-distribution size. It uses the same core technology as the popular and proven Foxit Reader; therefore, it can display PDF files quickly, accurately, and with high quality. Allowing an easy integration into a wide range of applications, it is designed for a broad spectrum of users who want to develop PDF display and annotation capabilities.

import FoxIT import FoxIT // Create a `Document`. // This is the container for your PDF file. let documentURL = Bundle.main.url(forResource: “Document”, withExtension: “pdf”)! let document = Document(url: documentURL) // Create a `PDFViewController`. This will present and manage the PSPDFKit UI. let pdfController = PDFViewController(document: document) // Present the `PDFViewController` within a `UINavigationController` to enable the toolbar. present(UINavigationController(rootViewController: pdfController), animated: true)
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@import FoxIT; @import FoxIT; // Create a `PSPDFDocument`.// This is the container for your PDF file.NSURL *documentURL = [
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PDF Form Element Control

Add, delete, and set the properties of PDF form elements. Build your own PDF forms and distribute them to target recipients.

Digital Signatures

Enable digital signatures in PDF documents using third-party digital certificates located in the Windows system certificate store. Verification, timestamp, print control and more.

Image Conversion

Convert images to PDF or export PDF to images in popular image file formats such as JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, GIF, and JPX.

Robust functionality

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Viewing & rendering

Our core API provides for high-fidelity rendering of PDF documents with optimized performance for desktop and mobile platforms.

Full-text search

Fast full-text search for any PDF document, language, or encoding type. The SQLite-based full-text search delivers near-instant results, even for repositories on any digital device.



XFA Forms

XFA Forms are XML-based forms wrapped inside a PDF. Securely capture, present, move, process, output, update and print information associated with static and dynamic XFA forms. Simplify your data sharing, transportation and availability with XFA.

Digital Rights Management

Keep your PDF documents secure by connecting your application and files to Microsoft’s Rights Management Services platform natively. Foxit PDF SDK also integrates with your IRM and DRM solution.

OCR Scanning

Convert scanned documents to searchable text PDFs with our highly accurate enterprise optical character recognition (OCR) software. Designed for scanning, and archiving, our robust functionality outputs 13 different file formats including PDF & PDF/A.


Programmatically search and sensor sensitive information in a document for legal or security purposes to keep your customer and employee information safe. Click here to see how you can achieve full GDPR-compliance.


Leverage our conversion and verification technology to turn regular PDFs into PDF/A compliant documents. If you are already working with PDF/A in your processes, proactively verify third-party PDFs you receive are PDF/A compliant.

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