Why choose Foxit

Better Rendering Quality

Superior rendering quality is all about supporting the edge cases of PDF. Luckily we have a big team of engineers with a QA team to back them up, plus Fortune 500 customers that demand quality, so we have the resources and the need to provide best-in-league rendering quality. Some areas that we lead the industry are:

CMYK Color: Foxit’s color conversion engine is precise.

Shading: Foxit correctly renders all shading types.

PDF SDK Shading

Better Rendering Speed

The speed of Foxit’s rendering engine is renowned and one of the reasons products such as Foxit Reader are so popular! In our testing using a repository of 1331 documents the Foxit rendering engine was able to process 1116 test files as fast or faster than one of our key competitors. In fact, our competitor couldn’t process 188 of those test files at all. Foxit’s technology is faster, more accurate, and it works.


World-wide Support

Over the past 15 years, Foxit has grown to have a world-wide presence spanning the US, China, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Australia. This means that Foxit can provide you with the local support that you need through email, online messaging and phone calls in real-time.

Foxit PDF SDK Support


Out of Memory Management

Foxit goes to great lengths to ensure that our PDF libraries use the least amount of memory possible. Even in situations where malformed PDF files cause memory issues, the Out of Memory Management (OOM) feature will ensure that the SDK automatically recovers from any anomalous events. This will occur with minimal effect to the users experience i.e. the document will reopen to the last viewed location.



Superior Font Handling

Foxit’s battle-tested font engine means that it can handle even the trickiest of font situations. Foxit’s superior font matching algorithm is able to accurately determine which substitute most closely resembles the original non-embedded font and uses that to display the text.

PDF SDK Font Handling

Optimized for Mobile

Foxit Software is probably best known for its small, fast and lightweight Foxit Reader app which matches Adobe Reader’s rendering quality, but beats it in speed. Some of the techniques that Foxit’s products employ to get this superior experience are:

  • Caching system for rendering large PDF files
  • Strip rendering (iOS)
  • Tile rendering (Android)
  • Multithreaded user interaction (separate UI thread and user interaction layer)
  • Out Of Memory Management (critical for mobile platforms where memory is scarce)
PDF SDK for Mobile