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Foxit 8.2

Foxit PDF SDK 8.2 is here! This release comes with new APIs, UI improvements, major form enhancements, quality of life improvements and much more!


Plug-Ins & Open Source


Build native mobile (iOS, Android and UWP) apps with HTML, CSS & JS. Target multiple platforms with one code base on MobilePDF SDK.

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Develop Android applications using MobilePDF SDK in Kotlin. Designed to work using Java, MobilePDF SDK can easily be integrated into your development process when working with Kotlin.

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React Native

Write with or create components using JavaScript code to develop Android and iOS applications using React Native.

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Build and deploy native Android, iOS and Windows apps, using existing skills, teams, and code in C# with MobilePDF SDK.

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Develop a full-fledged PDF Viewer for browser environments, all with Javascript. Migrate from PDF.js and experience native-like performance.

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If you purchased within 60 days of a major release (i.e. version 8 to version 9) or you own a valid subscription for Premium Upgrade Protection then the upgrade to the latest major version of Foxit Quick PDF Library is free. If yo...
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Foxit Quick PDF Library can be purchased online through our online store or through one of our resellers.
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Foxit Quick PDF Library is licensed in two forms, 1) internal use within an organization, and 2) external use to those outside the company (other businesses, general public, etc...). For internal use, you simply pay the initial l...
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