PDF Adoption in the Engineering Industry

by Conor Smith | May 4, 2018

The construction industry is very slow to react to emerging technology. Over the last ten years, very few construction companies have adopted new technology to improve productivity within their companies. But there are many solutions-based companies that offer innovative technology to engineering companies. These companies provide digital rendering technology to view blueprints on a mobile device, and text processing capabilities so that teams can collaborate, comment and annotate in real time on a document together even though they may not work beside each other. In this article, we will look at how some solutions-based companies have developed technology for the construction industry.

EIDA Solutions

EIDA Solutions produces innovative engineering solutions to project managers in construction companies. They provide a platform to track projects in real time, where team members can update the application with their hours of work and progress so that project managers and clients can easily see what has been done at a glance. The great thing about this application is that EIDA has introduced it on browsers and mobile devices so that workers can download the app and enter their hours without needing to visit an office or physically write anything down.

Codex Software

Codex Software is a company made up of software specialists with experience in the roofing and carpentry industries. Working closely with practitioners, they have developed software that makes tracking and receiving feedback on projects more accessible. Codex Software created mobile applications that can render PDF documents and forms in high quality on any Android or iOS device, ready for editing. Office staff have access to this information at once, allowing them to report quickly. The ability to ensure employees track work in real-time assures on-time delivery of projects, and ease of reporting.

IPI Solutions

IPI Solutions identified the need for a product solely designed for engineers which allowed them to upload and view vector PDFs generated through CAD systems on a mobile screen. Designed for external use, it needed to be versatile and easy to use on handheld devices as well as desktop computers. These PDFs could be annotated, with more than one person giving feedback on a vector PDF at one time. But the biggest issue to overcome was the problem with engineers being too busy rushing between sites and the office to be able to sit down and work. Using PDF technology meant that now engineers can work remotely, on their tablet, laptop or phone to the same exactness as before. This efficiency is a massive win for the industry.

Companies approach Foxit every day with the aim to improve systems in their industry. With the help of our technology, SaaS companies can not only improve productivity within the construction industry, but also ensure that their customer’s project tracking is accurate and ahead of the technology curve. If you are trying to achieve one of the above aims, contact our sales and support team to discover how we could help your company.