Foxit Quick PDF Library

Extract text from PDFs as a text block list

by Conor | August 18, 2015
Foxit Quick PDF Library provides an extensive API for programmatically extracting text from PDF files. This includes the options of just plain text output and also returning the text in a formatted CSV string with details about the font, size and style of the text. The API now includes additional text extraction functions for extracting […]
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Memory Management and the DLL and LIB editions of Foxit Quick PDF Library

by Conor | August 14, 2015
The creation and release of memory buffers are handled automatically in most scenarios by the DLL and LIB editions of Foxit Quick PDF Library. There is an internal buffer where all string results are stored. The AnsiStringResultLength function can be called to get the length of this buffer. This function returns the length of the most […]
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Incremental Updates in PDF files

by Conor | August 5, 2015
Incremental updates provide a method for updating a PDF file without completely re-writing it, according to the PDF specification (1.7), incremental updates work like this: The contents of a PDF file can be updated incrementally without rewriting the entire file. Changes are appended to the end of the file, leaving its original contents intact. This […]
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Extract paths from a PDF

by Conor | July 30, 2015
Foxit Quick PDF Library does not currently support the extraction of path information. However, the GetContentStreamToString function will extract the content stream which contains all of the drawing commands. You would need to parse the content stream to extract the paths as well as processing transformations including rotation and scaling. Here is the contents of […]
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Programmatically find and replace URL links in PDF files

by Conor | July 30, 2015
Foxit Quick PDF Library has an extensive API for programmatically working with links in PDF files. In the sample code below we demonstrate how to find all URLs in a PDF and then check to see if it matches our predefined URL and if it does then we replace it. This sample just works with URLs […]
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Controlling the precision of numeric values in PDF files

by Conor | July 6, 2015
Foxit Quick PDF Library includes a function called SetPrecision which allows you to control the precision of numeric values in PDF files. In a PDF all numeric values are stored as strings. So using a smaller precision would mean a number takes up less characters in the file. If a PDF has a lot of complex […]
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Setup Android Studio and Foxit Quick PDF Library

by Conor | July 3, 2015
This tutorial demonstrates how to use Foxit Quick PDF Library to create an Android app using Android Studio. If you haven’t already downloaded the Android trial then you can do that from the trial here. Setup Android Studio project with Foxit Quick PDF Library Open Android Studio. If Quick Start window is displayed then click […]
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Create an emulator for testing in Android Studio

by Conor | June 29, 2015
This article is intended for users of Foxit Quick PDF Library for Android. The Android Virtual Device (AVD) is an emulator configuration that lets you model an actual device by defining hardware and software options to be emulated by the Android Emulator. It comes as an optional download when you install Android Studio. Please note: […]
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