April 2014

Ambiguity between class ‘DebenuPDFLibraryAX1014.PDFLibrary’ and interface ‘DebenuPDFLibraryAX1014.PDFLibrary’

by Conor | April 29, 2014
When using the ActiveX edition of Foxit Quick PDF Library in Visual Studio it is possible to come across this error message: Ambiguity between class ‘DebenuPDFLibraryAX1014.PDFLibrary’ and interface ‘DebenuPDFLibraryAX1014.PDFLibrary’ As the error message suggests Visual Studio is confused because it has found two references to “DebenuPDFLibraryAX1014.PDFLibrary”. One is coming from the Foxit Quick PDF Library […]
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Error message: “XXXX was compiled with a different version of/from XXXX”

by Conor | April 28, 2014
This general form of message in Delphi indicates a referencing error. In essence, it is produced when Delphi settings on the IDE or Project level contain references to multiple versions of the same library. Specific examples include: “Unit QuickPDF0724 was compiled with a different version of Printers.TPrinter” “Unit QuickPDFExtra was compiled with a different version […]
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FireMonkey Compatibility

by Conor | April 23, 2014
FireMonkey is a modern cross-platform GUI framework developed by Embarcadero Technologies for Delphi and C++ Builder. The Delphi edition of Foxit Quick PDF Library is fully compatible with FireMonkey applications for Windows and Mac development through the Delphi IDE. Foxit Quick PDF Library does not currently support iOS and Android. This article refers to a deprecated […]
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Releasing buffer memory when using DLL or LIB edition

by Conor | April 17, 2014
With a DLL there are a few different ways of handling memory. Many libraries ask the user to create the buffer but with the DLL and LIB editions of Foxit¬†Quick PDF Library the library itself maintains the buffer. So if you call a certain function that returns a string then that memory will be kept […]
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How to increase performance for programs using Foxit Quick PDF Library

by Conor | April 8, 2014
The performance of PDF generation depends on both the volume of data being processed (i.e., source input) and the specific code used. Using Foxit Quick PDF Library, PDF generation is done entirely in memory. This means that, when working with longer files, performance can often be increased by breaking up the generation process. This involves saving […]
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How to Insert a Table into PDF

by Conor | April 7, 2014
Creating tables with text formatted using standard HTML tags is straightforward using Foxit Quick PDF Library. After positioning and creating the table, set the default HTML styles for the specific HTML tags to be used for formatting, then the content can added using the SetTableCellContent function. Some sample Delphi code for creating and formatting a PDF […]
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