August 2014

ASP.NET Web Site Projects and Foxit Quick PDF Library

by Conor | August 13, 2014
Foxit Quick PDF Library can be used in ASP.NET Website projects to add rich PDF features to websites. It works in much the same way as it does for regular desktop or server applications. Please note: there is a difference between a ASP.NET Website project and a ASP.NET Web Application project. This article deals with ASP.NET Website […]
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How to map PDF coordinates to Delphi graphics canvas coordinates

by Conor | August 6, 2014
Pages in a PDF use points (1/72 of an inch) as the default measurement units with the origin or the coordinate system at the bottom left corner of the page. The measurement units can be changed using the SetMeasurementUnits function to inches or millimetres. The origin can be set to the top-left corner of the page (or […]
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