October 2021

How to Create your own iOS Mobile PDF Scanning Tool

by Conor | October 28, 2021
The ability to scan direct to PDF on your mobile is a function that can revolutionize your document workflows. We’ve detailed how to do this with Android here and in this article, we will be doing the same with iOS. The guide below describes how you can use Foxit PDF SDK for iOS (free 30 […]
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How to Create your own Android Mobile PDF Scanning Tool

by Conor | October 19, 2021
Mobile scanning direct to PDF can transform your document workflows. With features such as automatic page detection, light flash functionality, color management and settings for camera-captured documents to be enterprise-quality PDFs, you can get a lot from just a couple of gestures on a phone when you have the right technology behind it. The guide […]
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How to Add Digital Signatures to PDFs in a Web Application

by PDF SDK | October 8, 2021
Everyone knows what a signature is—it’s how you sign your name at the end of an official document, typically to enter a contract. But what is a _digital_ signature? It’s a digitally generated representation of a person’s identity. This can either be through an image of a person’s actual signature, or it can be a […]
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