March 2019

How PDF can Transform your Business Workflows

by Conor Smith | March 28, 2019
Business workflows are often riddled with inefficiencies. According to research firm IDC, workflow inefficiency costs a business 20-30% of their revenue every year. Companies who still use paper or siloed systems which require a significant amount of manual data entry are common examples of inefficiencies in workflows. Workflows often follow processes for years without any […]
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Introducing Foxit PDF SDK 6.3

by Conor Smith | March 13, 2019
Foxit PDF SDK is more secure and feature-rich than ever before! Highlights: Documentation Signatures Localization Upgrades to documentation The documentation has been given a major overhaul with updates to our guide tutorials on topics that relate to the SDK API, XFA form filling, Redaction, Signature control and JavaScript. Our framework projects on React Native, Cordova, […]
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