January 2019

Foxit’s Approach to PDF Security

by Conor Smith | January 28, 2019
Working for Foxit, it’s easy to see how PDF security is always of the highest priority for us. The PDF industry is responsible for over 2 billion digital documents generated each year across every industry. That’s a lot of opportunity for someone with bad intentions to exploit. With continuous upgrades and new technologies added to the […]
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How bad Redaction got Paul Manafort caught

by Conor Smith | January 22, 2019
Redaction is crucial for businesses. It ensures that confidential material is not viewed by the wrong people. This applies especially to those operating in the legal, financial, healthcare and governmental sectors, where data security is tightly regulated. We’ve talked about redaction previously here. The legal team of Paul Manafort, former Trump campaign chairman, knows about […]
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Why you should develop your own PDF Viewer into your DMS

by Conor Smith | January 14, 2019
Working with documents is one of the most fundamental needs of a company. Whether it’s an inventory spreadsheet or a proposed new contract with a big client, these documents need to be available on demand for viewing and editing. But what results from sending out a document that looks different to staff depending on the […]
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