November 2017

The PDF Viewer Trifecta

by Conor Smith | November 28, 2017
The Trifecta (Android, iOS and UWP) are the platforms that most companies are looking to support when they release new apps for their customers. But is UWP here to stay? We think so!
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PDF Annotations: The True Value

by Conor Smith | November 22, 2017
Annotations are hugely popular in many different text processing tools, like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc, but have you ever considered the uses of annotations in PDF documents through our PDF SDKs? There are many reasons to use annotations with our SDKs, especially through our MobilePDF SDK, but here are just three of them.
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UWP and PDF: What you need to know

by Conor Smith | November 8, 2017
Windows Universal Platform, or UWP, was introduced by Windows to allow software engineers to develop universal apps on all their devices. We look at what this could mean for PDF technology in the future.
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