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How to Add Digital Signatures to PDFs in a Web Application

by PDF SDK | October 8, 2021
Everyone knows what a signature is—it’s how you sign your name at the end of an official document, typically to enter a contract. But what is a _digital_ signature? It’s a digitally generated representation of a person’s identity. This can either be through an image of a person’s actual signature, or it can be a […]
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How to Perform Full-Text Search in PDF using JavaScript

by PDF SDK | September 17, 2021
Sometimes, Ctrl-F just doesn’t cut it. If you’re working with a large collection of documents, trying to find specific phrases or locate sources in metadata can be a nightmare. Thankfully, full-text search is a feature that scans an entire collection and provides detailed results. If you’re working with PDFs, you can use the Foxit PDF […]
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How to Redact Data from PDFs in Java

by PDF SDK | August 9, 2021
Sharing information among various stakeholders is obviously important. And when the information is digital, it’s important to preserve its content and format. PDF files usually meet this need perfectly.  However, it’s not an uncommon scenario to need to share a PDF that happens to include some personal information. Obviously, not everyone who needs that file […]
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Using the Foxit SDK to Edit Text in a PDF

by PDF SDK | July 22, 2021
PDF files are handy when a document needs to be shared but protected from further edits. However, there are some circumstances where you might need to add or change information in a PDF anyway, for example, adding a signature to a contract. Because the very nature of PDFs is to protect the document from edits, […]
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Introducing Foxit PDF SDK 7.6

by Conor Smith | March 31, 2021
Welcome to PDF SDK 7.6! This release comes with lots of new features as well as improvements to performance and bug fixes. Read on below for more information on this update.   Highlights: REAL TIME COLLABORATION NOW AVAILABLE FOR WEB PDF PORTFOLIO SUPPORT ADDED HTML TO PDF SUPPORT FOR LINUX (WINDOWS AND MAC TOO!) NEW […]
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Manipulate PDFs in your Team with Real-Time Collaboration!

by Conor Smith | March 29, 2021
We’re delighted to announce a brand new feature to our Web-based JavaScript PDF viewer; real-time collaboration! This is a sample application using our viewer that allows users to connect multiple clients through a server, webservice or network. Enabling multiple people to work on the same PDF is more important than ever before. Not only because […]
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How PDF SDK’s UX has improved in the Past Year

by Conor Smith | March 18, 2021
We’ve made some major upgrades to the user experience of PDF SDK in the past year. Tasks that used to require you to write a lot of code have now been integrated into the library to better help you with your development. This piece takes a look at some of these product improvements for Foxit. […]
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Introducing Foxit PDF SDK 7.5

by Conor Smith | November 24, 2020
We’re proud to announce Foxit PDF SDK 7.5 to our customers. Our final release of 2020 comes packed with new features, enhancements and further upgrades. Read on below for more information on this update. Highlights: LAYOUT RECOGNITION ENGINE EXTENDED TO MAC AND LINUX (WINDOWS TOO!) NEW WEB SDK FEATURES WEB VIEWER UI ENHANCEMENTS TOOLBAR BUTTON […]
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