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Creating a Dynamic Labor Contract as a PDF

by PDF SDK | December 16, 2021
A labor contract, like many other types of corporate communication, is an essential document that can grow and change as a company grows. This is especially the case with dynamic contracts, in which terms may regularly change in response to external business data. As more companies embrace remote work, they need the ability to modify, […]
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Building a Dynamic Parts Catalog as a PDF

by PDF SDK | December 2, 2021
If you’re a user of PDF beyond the basic levels, you may already be familiar with Foxit. For over two decades, Foxit has been creating advanced tools for millions of users for the purpose of creating, signing, and securing PDF documents.  Foxit has support for complete PDF functionality across all platforms and environments, including the […]
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Creating Advanced Process Design Docs as PDFs with Foxit

by PDF SDK | November 18, 2021
If you’ve ever tried to generate a PDF directly, you know it’s a very complicated format to work with. You have to layout all of the content yourself, it has a weird object indexing system, and it has a special format for everything you add. Adobe’s PDF format reference is almost a thousand pages long! […]
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How to Create your own iOS Mobile PDF Scanning Tool

by Conor | October 28, 2021
The ability to scan direct to PDF on your mobile is a function that can revolutionize your document workflows. We’ve detailed how to do this with Android here and in this article, we will be doing the same with iOS. The guide below describes how you can use Foxit PDF SDK for iOS (free 30 […]
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How to Create your own Android Mobile PDF Scanning Tool

by Conor | October 19, 2021
Mobile scanning direct to PDF can transform your document workflows. With features such as automatic page detection, light flash functionality, color management and settings for camera-captured documents to be enterprise-quality PDFs, you can get a lot from just a couple of gestures on a phone when you have the right technology behind it. The guide […]
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How to Add Digital Signatures to PDFs in a Web Application

by PDF SDK | October 8, 2021
Everyone knows what a signature is—it’s how you sign your name at the end of an official document, typically to enter a contract. But what is a _digital_ signature? It’s a digitally generated representation of a person’s identity. This can either be through an image of a person’s actual signature, or it can be a […]
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How to Perform Full-Text Search in PDF using JavaScript

by PDF SDK | September 17, 2021
Sometimes, Ctrl-F just doesn’t cut it. If you’re working with a large collection of documents, trying to find specific phrases or locate sources in metadata can be a nightmare. Thankfully, full-text search is a feature that scans an entire collection and provides detailed results. If you’re working with PDFs, you can use the Foxit PDF […]
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How to Redact Data from PDFs in Java

by PDF SDK | August 9, 2021
Sharing information among various stakeholders is obviously important. And when the information is digital, it’s important to preserve its content and format. PDF files usually meet this need perfectly.  However, it’s not an uncommon scenario to need to share a PDF that happens to include some personal information. Obviously, not everyone who needs that file […]
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