Benefits of Digital Documentation in the Legal Field

by Conor Smith | March 21, 2017
It’s possible that no other industry can benefit as greatly from digital documentation as the legal field. As anyone in the field will already know, even the simplest matters generate substantial paperwork. Associates, interns, paralegals, and secretaries spend much of their time managing documents; every piece of paper added to a case file must be […]
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3 Powerful Benefits of Digital Documentation for Pharmaceutical Companies

by Conor Smith | March 15, 2017
The pressure for pharmaceutical companies to maintain well organized documentation is extremely high. In addition to the FDA and EMA’s strict regulations, documentation plays a critical role in several stages of pharmaceutical manufacturing. The heavy importance of good documentation in the industry means that digital documentation can provide three powerful benefits to pharmaceutical companies: Streamlined […]
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4 Ways Financial Companies Benefit by Utilizing PDF Technology

by Conor Smith | March 2, 2017
Some banks are shredding 98% of their paper documents, and it’s because of the ever increasing pressure to digitize documentation in the financial services industry. One could argue that the pressure is coming from government regulations, consumer protection standards and other strict requirements, but that’s only one, relatively small, reason. In truth, the industry is […]
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