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Foxit PDF SDK now available on NuGet

by Conor Smith | May 8, 2019
Foxit PDF SDK is now available on NuGet!   What is NuGet? NuGet is a free and open-source package manager for the Microsoft development platform. The tool is a very convenient way to install and manage third-party libraries for developers. By using NuGet, you can now import Foxit PDF SDK libraries using a command line […]
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Introducing Foxit PDF SDK 6.3

by Conor Smith | March 13, 2019
Foxit PDF SDK is more secure and feature-rich than ever before! Highlights: Documentation Signatures Localization Upgrades to documentation The documentation has been given a major overhaul with updates to our guide tutorials on topics that relate to the SDK API, XFA form filling, Redaction, Signature control and JavaScript. Our framework projects on React Native, Cordova, […]
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Introducing Foxit PDF SDK for Web 6.2

by Conor Smith | December 17, 2018
Our last 2018 upgrade of Foxit PDF SDK for Web provides further technical and security improvements. We’ve developed a new encryption API to ensure safe transmission of data between client-browser and server, improved the performance of our code when saving files, expanded the parameters for setting path objects and annotations states, and much more! Added to […]
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Introducing Foxit PDF SDK 6.2

by Conor Smith | November 29, 2018
Foxit PDF SDK 6.2 introduces a brand-new Objective-C API for development in Mac, and extended support for RMS 2.1 as we strive to make Foxit PDF SDK the most secure and accessible PDF SDK in the market. Additionally, in Android and iOS we have added UI improvements, full support for multimedia annotations (audio, video and […]
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Our ActiveX viewer gets a major upgrade

by Conor Smith | October 9, 2018
Foxit PDF SDK for ActiveX 5.5 brings exciting functionality to the easy-to-implement ActiveX platform. Along with new UI customization features, PDF SDK for ActiveX page control functionality has been enhanced with support for Bookmarks, giving your users more control over their documents. Highlights Full bookmark support New pencil tool customization options New note annotation customization […]
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Introducing Foxit PDF SDK for Web 6.1

by Conor Smith | October 2, 2018
In October 2018, Foxit is released PDF SDK for Web 6.1. The release was aimed at providing professionals, in the office and the field, with more control over their blueprints, maps, schemes and all around layered PDFs, in browser applications in all types of devices. The highlight in Web 6.1 is the introduction full PDF […]
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Foxit Announce Newest Generation in PDF SDK Technology

by Conor Smith | June 21, 2018
The industry leader in PDF SDK technology, Foxit has strategically moved to introduce Foxit PDF SDK, which offers developers complete PDF functionality and smart, easy to use, user interfaces to ensure consistent experiences and fast processing for millions of PDF documents across all platforms and the most modern environments. PDF SDK is built on the […]
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