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Foxit MobilePDF SDK 2.0 Released

by Conor Smith | December 21, 2016
Over the past few months, the product group at Foxit has been busily working on the follow up release to the successful version 1.0 launch of Foxit MobilePDF SDK, our mobile PDF SDK for iOS and Android. And as you are about to see, they have outdone themselves this time. Foxit MobilePDF SDK 2.0 adds […]
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Using Foxit MobilePDF SDK with Apache Cordova

by Conor Smith | December 20, 2016
Since this post was published, we have released Foxit PDF SDK, the only true multi-platform SDK in the market, available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, UWP and Web. It features a single, consistent core API, as well as a built-in viewer and UI for faster development. Learn more. Apache Cordova (also known as Adobe […]
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The Road to Foxit MobilePDF SDK

by Conor Smith | November 22, 2016
When the Debenu team joined Foxit in early 2016 to form the Foxit SDK business unit it was a great opportunity to reflect on the SDK products available from both companies. It quickly became apparent, from reviewing external and internal feedback, that while Foxit had market leading technology in terms of quality and performance, there […]
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The Bloody Long Walk – Melbourne 2016

by Conor Smith | October 24, 2016
On the 23rd of October 2016, a team sponsored by Foxit, made up of employees and friends from Melbourne office, participated in The Bloody Long Walk — a 35km charity walk to raise money for the Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation. Mitochondrial disease (mito) is a debilitating genetic disorder that robs the body’s cells of energy, causing […]
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MobilePDF SDK: A Rapid Development Kit for mobile apps

by Conor Smith | October 17, 2016
Foxit® Software, a leading software provider of fast, affordable, secure and connected PDF solutions, introduced its Rapid Development Kit (RDK) for mobile PDF apps earlier this month. Already recognized as having one of the fastest and most powerful rendering engines on the market, Foxit created its RDK to dramatically reduce developer workloads, enabling them to […]
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Introducing WebPDF Viewer 2.0 (Now including Javascript Rendering)

by Conor Smith | October 17, 2016
We’re excited to announce a groundbreaking update for Foxit WebPDF Viewer with the release of Foxit WebPDF Viewer 2.0. WebPDF Viewer is the market leading PDF viewer which helps developers build functionality into their web applications, without the need for additional software downloads or installation. WebPDF Viewer 2.0 brings new performance, rendering and security improvements […]
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Foxit launches Foxit Quick PDF Library 13

by Conor Smith | June 29, 2016
Quick PDF Library 13 is apart of our PDF SDK for independent developers and small businesses, completely Royalty Free! Already well known as a market leader for its ease of use and versatility, the new version of Quick PDF Library is now powered by Foxit’s rendering engine. Foxit acquired Debenu recently, and as part of that […]
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Foxit Software solves the Document Management problem

by Conor Smith | June 28, 2016
After over 21 years working with PDF files, it’s become almost unmanageable; with document deluge and an inability to track, share, cull, recall, sanitise, update and secure PDF files.2 The current PDF file is passive in nature and unsuited for a “connected” economy. …wait for it Introducing ConnectedPDF… Technology that will revolutionize document management Introduces […]
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PDF Days Europe 2016

by Conor Smith | June 3, 2016
Developers and IT managers interested in learning more about PDF best practices – take note – there is an important conference occurring this month. The PDF Days Europe 2016 conference kicks off in just a couple of short weeks from now. The two-day event will this year be held in Berlin, Germany on the 14th […]
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