Create an Automated File Merging Service Using Foxit PDF SDK

by PDF SDK | October 3, 2022
In addition to saving paper, one of the best aspects of working exclusively with electronic documents is convenience. There are so many efficient ways to manipulate and manage text files. To further streamline your workload, you can also automate tasks such as file merging. If you need to combine attachments from emails or direct messages, […]
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Build a Custom-Text-to-Speech Tool Using a PDF SDK for Web

by PDF SDK | February 7, 2022
If your business makes frequent use of PDF files in your client-facing applications, ensure their accessibility for all types of users. Individuals who are visually impaired or have difficulty reading, for example, find text-to-speech web applications invaluable. The Foxit PDF SDK is a lightweight, powerful library that can help you add read aloud support for […]
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Creating a Dynamic Labor Contract as a PDF

by PDF SDK | December 16, 2021
A labor contract, like many other types of corporate communication, is an essential document that can grow and change as a company grows. This is especially the case with dynamic contracts, in which terms may regularly change in response to external business data. As more companies embrace remote work, they need the ability to modify, […]
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Building a Dynamic Parts Catalog as a PDF

by PDF SDK | December 2, 2021
If you’re a user of PDF beyond the basic levels, you may already be familiar with Foxit. For over two decades, Foxit has been creating advanced tools for millions of users for the purpose of creating, signing, and securing PDF documents.  Foxit has support for complete PDF functionality across all platforms and environments, including the […]
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Creating Advanced Process Design Docs as PDFs with Foxit

by PDF SDK | November 18, 2021
If you’ve ever tried to generate a PDF directly, you know it’s a very complicated format to work with. You have to layout all of the content yourself, it has a weird object indexing system, and it has a special format for everything you add. Adobe’s PDF format reference is almost a thousand pages long! […]
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