Foxit PDF SDK Changelog


March 2023

  • Added support for an advanced page editor in the UI
  • New image difference comparison that allows you to compare pixels in multiple images
  • Support for TypeScript declarations – New d.ts files have been added into SDK package including: lib/index.d.ts,lib/UIExtension.d.ts,lib/UIExtension.full.d.ts,lib/PDFViewCtrl.d.ts, and lib/PDFViewCtrl.full.d.ts
  • Custom dynamic stamps added that include setDynamicStamp,getDynamicStamp,removeDynamicStamp
  • Multiline tiled watermark support
  • Support for programmatically pasting annotations into a destination page
  • Support for setting default font properties for FreeText annotations
  • Support for keeping formatting when copying and pasting text with the hand tool
  • Show labels and values for perimeter and area measurements
  • PDFDoc.sign now supports rotation
  • Support for accessing details on signed signature
  • Hand state handler supports text selection
  • Custom snapshot interaction
  • UI component state management
  • Improvements to the UI redaction component
  • Collaboration Addon – This addon offers a range of build-in client and server functionalities that enable developers to implement collaboration, improve organization’s productivity and streamline PDF document workflows
  • API Changes – The second parameter of PDFDoc::sign(signInfo, DigestSignHandler) has been updated: OLD: DigestSignHandler(signInfo,buffer),where the buffer data type is ArrayBuffer. NEW: DigestSignHandler(signInfo,plainContent),where the plainContent data type is Blob.
  • New demo for the image difference comparison feature
  • Multiple instances demo – shows how to run PDFViewer in multiple instances
  • Fixed typewriter annotations which weren’t rendering correctly if text entered exceeded the allotted area
  • Fixed rendering order of the screen image annotation which was inconsistent with Foxit PDF Editor
  • Fixed an issue where only the final signature is considered valid when validating multiple signatures in a PDF document
  • Fixed an issue where one of the signatures may not be displayed on page when there are multiple signatures with the same name
  • Fixed the right click menu for annotations which were not displaying in full screen mode
  • Fixed grey text which appeared as black when changing the background color of a PDF
  • Fixed an issue where signing and validating large files leads to browser crashes
  • Fixed an issue where if the border of an annotation’s shape is set to 0 the fill color is not applied
  • Fixed an issue where the font name is not displaying in the font list after being modified through the form field properties
  • Fixed an issue where link annotation actions executed even when a mouse cursor is not on it
  • Fixed an issue with certain specific images where rotation is displayed incorrectly on input into the image form field
  • Fixed an issue when calling page.addAnnot to set the icon for the file attachment doesn’t work
  • Fixed a mapped font via setJRFontMap() where it rendered incorrectly
  • Fixed long press on the annotation or page doesn’t trigger correctly on mobile
  • Fixed the stylus touch compatibility issues on some versions of iPad


March 2023

  • The OCR engine now supports Linux 64 platform
  • Expanded language support for the Mac ARM M1 chip from C++ to Java, .NET Core, Objective-C and Python
  • Foxit’s proprietary PDF Conversion SDK is available in PDF SDK as an add-on
  • Cross-platform MAUI PoC project is now available in the form of an SDK package, NuGet package and GitHub repository
  • Support to find and replace text easily with the new Search & Replace feature
  • New MRC Compression technique to compress image objects
  • Enhanced table generator to fill in data in cells responsively
  • Support for cloning a new appearance for form widget annotations
  • New function to set an image to XFA form field
  • Support for embedding all unembedded fonts in PDF
  • Font class adds new functions to get and set font encoding
  • Support for managing visibility of signature’s state when rendering
  • Support for getting all elements of the current page’s seal signature
  • Add a custom dictionary to a signature field while signing
  • Form XObject image object now supports CloneBitmap()
  • Support for repeat overlay text for PDF Redaction
  • New metadata class adds functions to get and set the xmpMM identifier
  • Optimized text watermarks to prevent an increase in file size
  • PDF TIFF bitmap supports LWZ compression
  • Support for more PDF JavaScript objects to enhance PDF interactivity
  • Updated OCR engine to improve recognition of text and fonts
  • Improvements to rendering on sharp angles of Bezier curves
  • New Simple Demo for Foxit PDF Conversion SDK, Search & Replace, PDF to XML, annotation summaries, annotation summaries, form combination to a sheet
  • Fixed an issue when calling StartRender multiple times with a specific PDF document returned an unexpected exception
  • Fixed an issue when merging specific documents through StartImportPagesFromFilePath() which caused crashes when saving after optimization
  • Fixed an issue when calling Field::SetDefaultAppearance() to change the text font and size didn’t update the signature’s appearance
  • Fixed an issue where output margins increased when printing a PDF document
  • Fixed an issue when calling SetRichTextStyle() to align text which caused a crash
  • Fixed the XFAWidget::SetValue() where it could not be set to an empty string (“”) on any field
  • Fixed security vulnerabilities in two JavaScript functions “Doc.exportXFAData” and “app.setInterval”

PDF Conversion SDK 1.1

March 2023

  • Support for Foxit’s AI technology to perform borderless table recognition: our cutting-edge machine learning technology uses a HTTP Restful API to enable seamless integration with your existing projects. You can simply turn on the option “enable_ml_recognition” in our SDK to execute recognition on the table border in a matter of seconds
  • PDF Conversion SDK is now available as an add-on with Foxit PDF SDK. Along with the previously launched standalone version, you can now use PDF Conversion SDK fully integrated with PDF SDK to save you time and give you more flexibility
  • We’ve been busy fixing a lot of the initial bugs associated with the release of a new product. We’ll have more fixes as we continue to release new versions of PDF Conversion SDK

Updated on August 24, 2023