Foxit PDF SDK Changelog


June 2021

  • Form Designer full support (PC platform only)
  • High Contrast support
  • Read Aloud is available for reading a page’s text using either a built-in browser speech API or third party speech service
  • Chinese Traditional Localization support
  • Signature properties such as signing reason, date, location now available on context menu of signature fields
  • Optimized UIExtension.css size from 5179kb to 1512kb
  • Enhanced Acrobat JavaScript API support
  • Clipboard copied text now displayed as a text annotation object instead of text object
  • The returns of ‘PDF.PDFForm.addControl()’ was changed to object instead of boolean
  • New viewer events for monitoring actions before page rendering and document loading.
  • New parameter ‘fileOpen.cipher’ was added to viewer open methods to decrypt FileOpen PDFs encrypted with AES algorithm.
  • New viewer Class, interface and APIs for Read Aloud module.
  • New ‘PDFViewer.addFontMaps()’ for adding custom fonts to the Font list.
  • New API ‘ PDFField.setFlags()’ was added to set flags for form fields.
  • New parameter ‘autoDownloadAfterSign’ was added to ‘PDFUI.constructor’ to control the download action once the current document is signed with a certificate-based signature.
  • A callback ‘getSignedDocument’ was added to ‘PDFUI.constructor’ to allow getting a signed document stream.
  • New ‘PDFUI.setDefaultMeasurementRatio()’ for specifying measurement ratio.
  • New ‘PDFUI.waitForInitialization()’ for translating localization entries.
  • New ‘PDFUI.registerSignaturePropertyHandler()’ for customizing signature properties panel.
  • New custom-font project which shows how to map a font and add it to the font list for text editing.
  • New custom-measurement project for creating a custom measurement object.
  • New integration project for React.js application created using create-react-app.
  • New project for pseudo-time progress bar.
  • Issue where a PDF file with an oversized layout renders incorrectly in FitWidth mode.
  • Crash issue on opening PDF files with size larger 150MB on mobile devices.
  • A glyph rendering issue on a specific file.
  • Annotation count now works correctly on the ‘getAnnotCount()’ method.
  • Show/hide form field action responds correctly.
  • ‘PDFui.activateAnnotation’ correctly activates and locates annotation on page.
  • Change annotation rectangle with cloud style to solid now follows the object’s original geometry
  • Issue where exporting Dynamic Stamps as FDF causes an error message in Adobe Reader DC.
  • Issue with creation of new instances after destroying current in IE11.
  • Issues where customizing thumbnail context-menu causes errors.
  • Linearized PDFs created by ‘pdfdoc.getStream()’ now can be opened in other PDF readers.


June 2021

  • New Platform support: ARM Linux support
  • Add a flag to AddNewSignatuer API to decide whether Foxit PDF SDK should check PDF document’s permission before adding a signature.
  • Support page Break setting for HTMLtoPDF feature
  • Support create bookmarks for HTMLtoPDF feature
  • A new option of whether the rectangle auto adapt the content for callout annotation
  • Export Form data to a CSV file
  • Form Design Assistant
  • Support to disable the highlight of the signature field
  • Get/Set RichText, Sort, CommitOnSelChange for Field_Flags
  • Get the image resource of annotation
  • Set whether to show Text Field Overflow Indicator
  • Enhance Graphic_objects demo(C++) demo
  • Enhance compliance simple demo
  • Enhance watermark demo
  • Enhance page_organization demo
  • New option to Enhance zero-width line rendering
  • Support to show barcode appearance text field
  • Improve performance of API “Watermark.InsertToPage”
  • Provide Nupkg for Windows .Net SDK
  • Enhance PSI annotation feature
  • Enhance the Rendering performance of some XFA doc
  • Enhance Text Search feature
  • Enhance SubmitForm action
  • Bug for OCR Java Demo
  • Some issue for sign PDF in multi-thread
  • Bug related to TXT to PDF conversion


June 2021

  • New event to detect if a certificate-based signature has been applied to a document
  • Support scoped storage functionality as per Android 11 requirements
  • Area Highlight
  • Annotation summary list at User Interface
  • Support brush type for pencil annotations
  • Dark Mode
  • Auto Flip
  • Outline editing
  • Tool preference setting in Home Tab
  • Support to add link annotations in Edit tab
  • Custom page color
  • Support to redact one or more pages
  • Enhanced search function (Support Outline, Bookmark, Annotation, Redaction search)
  • Main demo updated with new user interface
  • ” /r/n” bug for Multiline XFA forms
  • RegisterSecurityCallback issue for Xamarin
  • Not possible to autosave files containing digital signatures
  • Signer name not displayed in the signature panel
  • Rendering issue on continuous view mode
  • Keyboard overlapping when filling PDF forms

Updated on March 20, 2024