Foxit PDF SDK Changelog


December 2021

  • New UI styles and right-side components
  • Keyboard shortcuts for accessing top toolbars and dialog boxes
  • New snapshot functions for getting, capturing, copying and uploading images. Relevant API:PDFViewer.takeSnapshot(), copySnapshot(), uploadSnapshot(), PDFViewer.[options.snapshotServer]
  • Extend PDFViewer.addFontMaps() to set custom font on form module
  • Being able to select overlapping annotations at UI level
  • New PDF2Txt API. Relevant APIs: PDF.Progress, PDFViewCtrl.shared.getRanges(), PDFDoc.getText
  • Support for searching contents in form text field
  • More Acrobat JavaScript API support on annotation objects
  • New rotation API for FreeText, stamp and screen annotation. Relevant APIs: PDF.annots, PDFPage.addAnnot()
  • Update FreeText:setDefaultAppearance() to set custom font for freetext annotation. Relevant APIs: PDFPage.getAnnotObjectNumAtDevicePoint
  • The highlights of certain calculated form fields wasn’t resetting correctly when printed
  • The pageTap event doesn’t work in single-page-view-mode
  • The filesize increases when calling PDFDoc.getFile or PDFDoc.getStream
  • Exception on calling PDFDoc.exportAnnotsToFDF() when there are empty pages
  • The PDFViewer.setDefaultPrintSetting doesn’t take effect when printing through the browser
  • Print annotation line-ending displays incorrectly
  • Specific PDFs with name tree null failed to open
  • Optimized performance including load time overhead and memory consumption


December 2021

  • The TOC has a new option to include catalog page
  • Extended office2PDF support to convert on Windows/Linux ARMv8 base on WPS Engine
  • A new Timestamp callback function which supports customers to connect time stamp service by themselves
  • Added a new XFADoc::ImportData() implementation to import XFA data (XML/XDP) from memory
  • Get user’s input data when invalid input on a form field
  • Support PDF2XML: Convert a PDF to XML
  • Support page scaling setting for HTML2PDF conversion
  • New functions to get all annotation objects at a point
  • Added a new color mode ‘Render grayscale’ for SetJobColor() to allow for Black&White printing for “PrintManager” module
  • New Demo to show how to convert TXT file to PDF document
  • New Demo to show how to create annotations with lower-level APIs
  • Image2PDF simple_demo adds sample codes to demonstrate how to insert png, jbi2.jpx and jp2 image onto page
  • Optimized API StartImportPagesFromFilePath() performance
  • Optimized bookmark iteration performance
  • Add e_FlagShareImageStream to reduce memory consumption when image watermarks into PDF
  • Optimized the Get Text function
  • Fixed the CCITT compression issue for compressing bitonal images
  • SetlogFile() function now uses appending mode instead of rewriting mode to add data to the log file
  • Fixed an issue that PDF2PDFA conversion suspend when converted some special file
  • Fixed an issue that PDF2PDFA conversion crashed when converted some special file
  • Fixed an issue that JavaScript call to Field.setFocus() throws an exception
  • Fixed an issue that can’t obtain correct text from TextObject::GetText() API for some special files for .net Platform
  • Fixed the issue of .Net View Demo that always jump to the beginning of the page when zoom in/out
  • Fixed an issue that the TextObject::GetRect().width returns the dedicated result
  • Fixed some issues related to PrintManager
  • Fixed an issue that html2pdf processes can’t be killed when it is idling beyond a set time
  • Fixed an issue that .net API ExportToFDF raises an exception when the PDF document has some empty pages
  • Fixed an issue that e_PageModeSinglePage doesn’t work for some special URL for HTML2PDF Conversion
  • Fixed an issue that can’t be retrieved correctly character code of a particular type3font
  • Fixed an issue that some InkList points are ignored when EIA appearance is generated
  • Fixed a print issue for a specific file
  • Fixed an issue that gets the text by appearance order by TextPage.GetText API


December 2021

  • Support to use Apple Pencil to annotate PDFs, turn pages and switch between pen and eraser
  • New add bookmark function in Reflow mode
  • Support for validating the signature after signing on iOS
  • New API PDFViewCtrl.setKeepZoomRatio() to control zoom ratio for same page turning
  • Enhanced UI performance on Android
  • Optimized the field.setValue() processing time for XFA documents
  • Improved the print quality by resetting page rendering bmp size on Android
  • Optimized Ink annotations to prevent flickering while writing
  • Optimized the text display effect in reflow mode on Android
  • A crash when removing tabs on Xamarin.Android
  • A crash when calling doc.getUserPermissions()
  • Unsafe cipher mode security error in Google prelaunch
  • A permission issue where disabling annotations also disables adding signature
  • Menus are disabled when json readingBookmark is set as false when creating a new project on Xamarin.iOS
  • Multithreaded doc loading failure on Android
  • A crash when inserting readingBookmark
  • The font displaying issue of the number 0 and the capital letter O on Android
  • An issue where unable to enter pentagram on Android

Updated on March 20, 2024