Foxit PDF SDK Changelog


October 2022

  • Support for reading text in PDF documents
  • Support for document comparison
  • New functions to delete file attachments inside a PDF document
  • Signing appearance creation supports typed signature with custom CSS Fonts in UI
  • Ink signatures support to export data in Blob
  • New option to set signing date field format
  • Disable/enable scroll-by-drag in viewer
  • New function to get a selected form field
  • Support Reply to FreeText annotation on UI
  • Performance improvements to document rendering and zoom scaling
  • Fixed an issue where the rectangle box of the text selection does not have the same height
  • Fixed an issue where removing annotations by APIs cause an error when there were form fields on the page
  • Fixed an issue where calling setDefaultAnnotConfig() voided all an annotation’s default changes
  • Fixed an issue where the search results highlight is incorrect on watermarked PDF pages
  • Fixed an issue where the added annotations didn’t show up on certain specific PDFs
  • Fixed an issue where the page content on the lower right corner was truncated
  • Fixed an issue where the stamps failed to be added to the PDF document on mobile
  • Fixed an issue where the markup annotation’s intent was lost when exporting/importing JSON
  • Fixed an issue where the signed signature field was automatically highlighted
  • Fixed an issue where deleting comments in the CommentList caused errors
  • Fixed an issue where PDF pages containing ARGB bitmaps rendered slowly

Updated on March 20, 2024