Foxit PDF SDK Changelog


July 2020

  • Progressive rendering support
  • PDFDoc.getFontsInfo() API to get font information including font type, name, embedded info etc
  • Multiple selection and edit function on content objects at UIExtension
  • A PDF.actions class
  • New getActions and setActions API for PDF.annots.Link annotation
  • Digital signature support
  • New PDFViewer.constructor option jr.brotli
  • New PDFUI.constructor option customs.getLoadingMode to allow loading PDF document from memory buffer
  • New PDFViewer.constructor option renderingMode
  • New parameter annotUpdatedType to DataEvents.annotation
  • New pdfviewer.killfocus() API
  • New pdfui.confirm(), pdfui.alert(), and pdfui.prompt() with message and log type to classify the UI pop-up component
  • UI thumbnail component and modularized it as an add-on to allow developers to do customization and extend its functionality
  • Open source scaffold example project
  • Show/hide all comments at UI level
  • PDFUI.callAddon()API at UI level
  • Paddle component in layout template to show the hidden elements on toolbar (PC only)
  • Add-on merge tools for preprocessing addon resources to reduce the network requests at the UI initialization
  • UIExtension.vw.cssfile to support vmin CSS unit to adapt layout for cases that require font resizing on mobile
  • PDF.HeaderFooter.isEmpty() API
  • PDFViewCtrl.ViewerEvents.removeActionAnnotationSuccess logic
  • Removed UIExtension.full.css that functions same as UIExtension.css
  • Output information on console
  • Hot key for annotation undo (command+z) and redo (command+shift+z) on Mac at UI level
  • Vue/Angualr/React integration sample to use merged-addons
  • Support for the return value of the PDFPage.addImage()
  • PDFDoc.exportAnnotsToPDF API which now supports exporting a particular annotation to data file
  • WebPDFJRWorker.jsto allow accessing from a different origin
  • PDF.constant.Error_Codeenumerations in API references
  • Support for the docfolder to doc-websitewith HTML format developer guide
  • Changed the folder advanced_webViewer to complete_webviewer
  • Thumbnail component modularized as an add-on
  • Issue where the Edit menu in Comment List wasn’t disabled after the annotations flag was set as locked
  • Issue where creating annotation would trigger both annotationAdded and nnotationUpdated events
  • Issue where a new added custom stamp data can’t be updated when being placed on the page
  • Issue where passing annotation color=0x000000 on border and text, did not take effect
  • Issue where the JSON data was inconsistent between exportAnnotsToJSON and addAnnot
  • Issue where the URL file cannot be opened cross origin
  • Issue which the callout failed to create on a particular file
  • Issue which the date format got changed on focus and on blur
  • Issue which no comments could be imported when comments contains parenthesis
  • Issue where uncaught promise error occurred when importing annotation
  • Issue which the text form field can’t set to be blank if a default value has been set
  • Issue where importAnnotsFromJson could not update the old annotation when two annotations have same ID
  • Issue where Foxit PDF SDK for Web failed to display the default appearance of a 3D annotation
  • Issue where tooltip shows only when the cursor points to the left-top corner of the tool on Firefox
  • Issue where Foxit PDF SDK for Web failed to open files in IE10
  • Issue where the rendering delayed when adding highlight annotation
  • Issue where Foxit PDF SDK for Web failed to open particular drawing files
  • Issue where 404 Error occurred when loading a file in Angular.js
  • Issue where Foxit PDF SDK for Web keeps loading when open a particular file
  • Issue where the mirror field cannot be cleared when the length is less than 2 in the main field


July 2020

  • Support Word/Excel to PDF for Conversion add-on (Windows Only)
  • Support adding a layer to a PDF that does not have any layer
  • Support to get Object by Object Index
  • Option to render annotation for thumbnail purpose
  • Get/Set permisson APIs to signature feature
  • Support setting the color with different color space for Graphics Objects
  • New render flag: e_ColorModeMappingGray to map a color value according to a background color and a foreground color
  • Subset embedded fonts with a document to reduce the file size
  • API to retrieve a layer node dictionary
  • Additional options for Optimizer Add-on
  • Method for setting the path for Java *.so library
  • OOM error report feature enhanced
  • Form loading performance enhancement
  • PageOpen JavaScript action supported in Viewer Demo
  • Original effect of barcode restored
  • Invalid PDF/A after signing document issue fixed
  • Bezier curve control points added to exported path object data
  • Listbox font size changes correctly on zoom in/out activity* Font embedding bugs fixed
  • Typo on : e_FlagChoiseMultiSelect→e_FlagChoiceMultiSelect
  • Form object associated with layer node displays correct coordinates when rendered to page
  • RectF.isEmpty() method always return true bug fixed


July 2020

  • Provide options to enable/disable slide mode for Android which will enhance the e-ink screen rendering.
  • Support Group Annotations at UI Level
  • Reading features
  • Support the same render effect as Mobile app’s page color feature
  • Provide option to enable/disable auto save feature
  • New platform support for Mac Catalyst
  • Modify the encrypt_key parameter of CertificateSecurityHandler.initialize from string to byte

Updated on March 20, 2024