Foxit PDF SDK Changelog


October 2020

  • Import and export ink signature list
  • Set the default state tool to a particular stamp by using the new PDFUI constructor option or method
  • Check, enable and disable hotkey by using the new constructor option or method
  • Get a page’s box information and check for cropped page
  • Configure default print options
  • Unmount the iFrame DOM running PDF JavaScript by configuring the PDFViewer constructor option. Value is set to false by default. Use true value if you don’t want the JavaScript code to be called using iframe
  • Change the PDF text background and foreground display color
  • Load image as document object
  • Support rotation and event handling
  • Methods to set form field highlight color and enable/disable form field highlight
  • Method for pre-setting pencil drawing object time
  • Classes and methods for working with and managing PDF objects programmatically
  • Constructor option to display comment list or not when a markup annotation was created
  • Features at UI Extension module:
    • <gtab> component
    • Method to make create controller close easier.
    • Method to create custom appearance
  • New features were added to the web viewer’s UI:
    • Signature field control
    • Form text field control
    • Measurement tools `Perimeter, Polygon area and Circle area`
    • Page Rotate options on right-click context menu
    • PDF text color view mode control
    • Drag and drop annotation’s across pages feature
    • Support displaying annotation contents on mouse hover action
    • Support load image file directly
    • Audio player now supports pause option.
    • New language localization support: Japanese and Korean.
  • Change the name of parameter `annotJson` to `annotsJson` in `PDFViewer.openPDFByHttpRangeRequest` and `PDFViewer.reopenPDFDoc`
  • The advanced webViewer was removed from the SDK package. It was replaced with complete_webViewer
  • The form import & export tool were moved to form tab from the home tab
  • `` file for mobile to load all addons using a single js file
  • The thumbnails `uix-addons` module has been made open source for specific customers, not released to general availability
  • Deprecated: Deprecate PDFUI options `template and fragments`, replace them with Appearance
  • Optimized mobile pinch zoom touch screen performance
  • Enhanced PDF JavaScript support: document print action and OCG object
  • Enhanced pdfField.setAction to support AdditionalAction
  • Enhanced document open workflow by separating document loading and rendering logic
  • Enhanced stamp functionality to support blob url/base64 data source, and allow users to add/edit custom stamps and change time format of dynamic stamp
  • Enhanced the Digital Signature solution
  • Barcode was not updated when document print action was triggered
  • `openPDFByHttpRangeRequest()` did’t trigger error on incorrect URLs.
  • Pencil drawing data loss after import/export to FDF format on pages containing stamp annotations.
  • Text displayed incorrectly on rotated pages.
  • `getCurrentPageIndex()` didn’tget correct page number in a visible area.
  • Thumbnail and page index did not update after importing documents with API `PDFDoc.insertPage()`.
  • Bookmark could not be deleted after being inserted by PDFBookmark.insertbookmark.
  • Comments were disabled in a signed document with comments permission.
  • Tab key always jump back to the first page when using Tab key to view a form file.
  • Font not rendered correctly in a combo box form field.
  • MarkupAnnot.getReviewStateCount and MarkupAnnot.GetReviewStates always return 1 regardless of having more than 1 review states.
  • STATE_HANDLER_CREATE_FREETEXT_CALLOUT could not be created when using template
  • Callout annotation displayed incorrectly after being moved in a particular file.
  • SubmitForm action generated incorrect execution.
  • Parts of images were inaccessible or hidden when rotated.
  • Form field inaccessible in specific form files when document is loaded17. `PDFViewCtrl.ViewerEvents.rightClickAnnotation` fails to trigger in specific scenarios.
  • Form controls get lost when new form pages were inserted in document.
  • Combo box printed in the output file issue.


October 2020

  • Provide C API package for Windows
  • PPT to PDF feature for Conversion Add-on (Windows Only)
  • Layout Recognition Add-on for C++ And Java API
  • Get the name of color separation and support Rendering PDF with color separation (OutPut Preview)
  • Provide high level API for PDF combination
  • Provide API to deep clone an PDF Object
  • Support to specify start character index for document level search
  • Add flag to provide option to allow search by stream order or appearance order for doc level search
  • Fill and sign feature API
  • Provide API to get GraphicOjbects by a rectangle
  • Output_preview demo for rendering PDF with color separation
  • Layout recognition demo
  • Provide a simple demo for Header&Footer feature
  • Added PPT to PDF feature to office2PDF demo
  • Enhancement to the watermark feature
  • Enhancement to the JS feature
  • Enhancement to the print effect for PDF file with FormField
  • Enhanced ImagetoPDF Demo: Set the PDF page size by using the image’s width&High
  • Crash issue for a special file with JS
  • Other bug fixes


October 2020

  • Fill & sign feature at UI level
  • Support to rendering the RMS files with RMS watermark.
  • Provide API scroll to next/previous page
  • Provide API to apply an annotation’s property to the ToolHandler
  • Provide API to set the highlight of form field color For iOS
  • Provide API to set/get the AnnotAuthor
  • AnnotContent method stamp and FileAttachment
  • Enable/Disable FormHighlight can be take effect immediately
  • Bug related to move the freetext annot with mulit line test that the font size is larger than 48px

Updated on March 20, 2024