Foxit PDF SDK Changelog


March 2021

  • Portfolio Support for viewing and downloading
  • Snap functionality to measurement tools, Line, Arrow, Polyline, Polygon, and Cloud
  • First/Last page for page navigation
  • Functionality to add bookmark while viewing a PDF
  • Functionality to drag and rotate a stamp
  • SendToBack and BringToFront to have the particular graphic object to draw on top or underneath of other page objects
  • Fields side-panel for displaying and managing form fields
  • Highlight Fields
  • Form field types for creating/editing: Push-button, CheckBox, Radio, ComboBox, ListBox, Image, Run Form Recognition, and Form Assistant
  • ‘Options’ properties tab for form CheckBox, Radio, and ListBox which can be used to set Button type and Export value
  • “.\examples\PDFViewCtrl\create-annot” was updated to include code samples for creating Ink, Note, and FreeText
  • “.\examples\UIExtension\collaboration” was added to present how to collaborate on annotations, page manipulation, document sharing, and user annotation permissions
  • CodeSandBox Demo
  • Support multiple page manipulation
  • Support snap measurements to PDF shape objects’ points and paths
  • Functionality to read and write document/page dictionaries
  • Support to get logical page labels
  • The method was added to set the position of the particular page object
  • The method was added to set the width of the eraser
  • Support circle and square area measurements
  • Support to create the same type of form fields continuously
  • Method to manage the form properties dialog box visibility when a form field was created
  • Method to manage the form field rectangle focus visibility when the form fields have been selected
  • An option was added to the PDFViewer constructor to show/hide form file tooltip
  • The method was added to set tooltips for all form fields
  • Support Acrobat JS functions importAnFDF and exportAsFDF to import/export form data
  • Support Acrobat JS strokeColor to set the appearance of annotation and form field to transparent
  • Action callback interface for custom implementation with Acrobat JavaScript.
  • Annotation mouse events mouseEnter and mouseLeave
  • Bookmark select event to watch the users’ bookmark selection
  • The tapPage, doubleTapPage, and pressPage methods include an e parameter on event object of hammer.js
  • The rightClickAnnotation adds an e parameter for mouse event
  • The PDFDoc.sign() adds a new parameter ‘image’ for setting signature appearance
  • Optimized the loading time for files with 5000+ annotations
  • Enhanced SDK functionality so that users can build their viewer’s UI without using the UIExtension project
  • StateHandler classes for splitting select text & annotation into two tools: Select Text and Select Annotation
  • Enhanced SDK to support file:// protocol which is useful for native apps like Electron, HBuilderX packaged apps, ect.
  • Disabled the pop-ups for static XFA Forms by ignoring the XFA version check
  • Updated the annotation events for listening in to form widgets edits
  • Touch screen issue on pages in PDFViewCtrl basic viewer mobile
  • Area measurement value update fails after modifying size corrected
  • ComboBox unresponsive to mouse click on specific files issue
  • xref table parsing not working on specific FDF files data import operation issue fixed
  • Signature validation working correctly on OpenPDFByHttpRangeRequest
  • An issue on newly added PDF signatures displayed incorrectly on a particular use case scenario
  • setEnableJS issue on executing document open operation when the method is set to false
  • An issue where annotations fail to export “custom entries” to XFDF
  • Measurement annotation no longer truncated when being created on a re-sized page
  • Bookmark page numbers correctly updated when inserting a new page
  • Enhanced performance on toolbar items switch which caused lag
  • Empty JavaScript actions on a file no longer causing issues on opening PDF documents
  • Issues with “formValueChanged” method in specific documents were fully repaired
  • Rotated stamp annotations no longer cause issues on XFDF annotation data export
  • Hiding annotations on un-rendered pages completely supported
  • Cross-site scripting security issue


March 2021

  • Support HTML2PDF on Linux
  • Txt to PDF conversion
  • Insert page(s) as the table of contents to the front of the current PDF document
  • Annotation Summary
  • Portfolio Support
  • Get the color value of the specific component of a separation space
  • API to set DPI limit for image compressing feature
  • PrintManager:Choose paper source by PDF page size (For Windows C++ Only)
  • API to set the count of graphics objects to be rendered in one step during the progressive rendering process
  • API to set whether to use down-sampling for jpx image when rending a page
  • BrowserFile callback API to foxit::ActionCallback
  • Support to get/set text formatting data for markup annotations
  • API to construct annotation by annotation dictionary only
  • API to set/get form control alignment
  • API to NormalizePage
  • API to get the specific point of a path
  • Support to set/Get “Field is used for file selection” and “Check Spelling” for text field flag
  • Support get/set measure properties for circle and square annotation
  • New Portfolio Demo
  • Set the flag print by default so the annotation inserted by the demo will be print by default
  • PDF layer demo adds the sample of insert objects from another PDF to a specific layer
  • Add the screen annotation sample for the annotation demo
  • Adjust the logical relationship of rendering annotation and form
  • Abandon Ltvverifier mode ETSI
  • A GC release issue for Java
  • Issue related to “RMSSecurityCallback” method
  • Whitespace missing in annotation rich text content if appearance is reset
  • Error when opening the special doc flattened by Foxit SDK with Adobe
  • Access Violation exception issue of add free-text annotation using the font from a file
  • A Crash issue of PDF2PDFA for a special file
  • CreationDate is missing within annotation added using Javascript
  • Issue related to Print Manager (Windows C++ Only)


March 2021

  • Enhance the performance of documents containing static XFA forms
  • Annotation count incorrect for specific files
  • Rendering issue of specific form fields when zooming
  • Form filling issue in some special case
  • Issue related to opening RMS encrypted files

Updated on March 20, 2024