Foxit PDF SDK Changelog


November 2020

  • Undo/redo annotation’s all actions with one caller
  • Programmatically set screen annotation image
  • Programmatically go to and activate a specified annotation
  • Expose annotation dictionary to enable users to store custom data to the annotation
  • Enable/disable tooltip on mouse hover on annotation
  • Event for listening in annotation’s position change
  • Classes were added to better work with widget annotations and control form field data
  • Form data format support CSV and TXT
  • Enable/disable form field automatic calculation right after users input
  • Programmatically show print dialog box
  • Expose a new event to get the generated signature bitmap
  • Zoom mode Fit Visible was added to the web viewer’s UI
  • Sort comments by options such as page, type, author, date, status, check status was added to the web viewer’s UI
  • Filter comments by status and author was added to the web viewer’s UI
  • Import/export form data: CSV and text through Forms on web viewer’s UI
  • Form field properties editing:
    • Sets tooltip
    • Sets flags: Visible, Hidden, Visible but unprintable, Hidden but printable
    • Sets direction: Right-to-Left and Left-to-Right
    • Set text filed: Text Rotation, Font Size/Color and Type (14 standard font types)
    • Set actions after placing a signature by adding a new Singed tab
  • Copy, Cut and Paste the current form field feature through Forms on web viewer’s UI
  • Shortcut keys for form fields was added to the web viewer’s UI
  • Arrow keys Up/Left/Down/Right for navigating radio button in a group
  • Enter key to activate/deactivate the current form field
  • Updated even doubleTapPage event to pass mouse click information
    • Original event: pdfViewer.eventEmitter.on( ViewerEvents.doubleTapPage, () =>{ } )
    • New event: pdfViewer.eventEmitter.on( ViewerEvents.doubleTapPage, (e) =>{ } )
  • When a module e.g. Redaction is not licensed, its related API is not permitted to call, and related UI features at UI level are hidden
  • Updated the parameter of PDFViewer.setPencilDrawingTimeout to accept ‘0` value
  • Updated setFormHighlightColor to highlight required fields.
    • Original API: setFormHighlightColor (color)
    • New API: setFormHighlightColor (color, required color)
  • Customized stamp icon became stretched in the stamp list
  • Event did not trigger when calling tapAnnotation, doubleTapAnnotation, rightclickAnnotion or pressAnnotation
  • The content of the textbox was truncated after turning up border width
  • TAB not working for components outside the viewer container
  • Signature appearance was displayed incorrectly on a particular file
  • Some form fields could not be recognized correctly on a particular file
  • Viewer UI flickered when incorrect password was entered
  • Failed to add callout annotation on a particular file
  • Watermark displayed incorrectly when rendering multiple times


November 2020

  • Layout recognize add-on support for all platforms of GSDK
  • Support to set the texts label of the signature field
  • Provide API to support MoveObject
  • HTML to PDF feature support to load cookies straight from memory (Not supported for Mac)
  • Support for embedded font to create header/footer
  • Support Rich text for freetext annotation
  • Provide API to set whether to use Bezier to generate ink annotation’s appearance
  • Improved compare demo
  • Enhanced the subset of the embedded font for all kinds of font types
  • Check the input JS of adding an annotation and normalize the rect info
  • UniqueID missing from annotation added via JavaScript issue
  • Issue that special PDF file prints garbled or non-bold to the Snagit printer
  • Crash issue while parsing a page that used a font mapper
  • Throw errors with error parameter during import of special XFDF file
  • Issue that incorrect characters appear after content is generated for certain files
  • Flatten issue for XFA file
  • Crash issue of inserting pages with AES256 encryption
  • Bug that the signature call back will not trigger in some special case


November 2020

  • Toolbar buttons visibility toggle in Cordova
  • New AddLanguage method function in Xamarin Android
  • Support to create popup annotation when a markup annotation is created
  • Support undo/redo step by step for pencil tool
  • Add onDocModified event for RDK at UI level
  • New autosave flag for signatures
  • Page turning touch screen gesture supported at UI level (Android)
  • New API to set page flipping mode (Android)
  • Set method for text label on signature form field
  • Provide API to support MoveObject
  • Embedded fonts supported on Header/Footer creation
  • Support rich text for freetext annotations
  • Method to enable/disable Bezier curve when setting ink (pencil) annotation’s appearance
  • New demos: image2pdf, watermark, search, graphics objects
  • Enhanced the annotation demo
  • Adding annotations in multi tab mode issue
  • XFA Form filling related issues
  • Background color missing when objects are selected
  • Form filling issues related to Japanese text

Updated on March 20, 2024