Foxit PDF SDK Changelog


November 2023

New Features/Enhancements
  • Enabled annotation APIs to support undo/redo functionality:Added a new callback addon function “UndoRedoAddon.invoke” to enable annotation APIs to support undo/redo functionality.
  • Support removing watermark: Added new API “pdfdoc.removeAllWatermarks” to remove all watermark in the document.
  • Support to collapse/expand Ribbon bar: New directives, @retractable and @retractable-body, have been added to control the tab component, allowing to toggle on or off the ribbon bar.
  • Support for rendering tile watermark at viewer level:Updated the APIs PDFPageRender:setWatermarkConfig and PDFDocRender:setWatermarkConfig to provide support for rendering tile watermarks.
  • Check a PDF Owner Password: Added new APIs “checkPassword” to check the password type of the current document and “hasOwnerPassword” to check if the current PDF has an owner password.
  • Support non-proportionally resizing stamps: Added a new attribute “enableFrame” to AnnotComponentConfig to allow for resizing stamp UI shape horizontally or vertically.
  • Optimized UIX Addon APIs: This optimization introduced UIExtension.addons to replace the old PDFUI.callAddonAPI class, and added a new API “PDFUI.getAddonInstance” to allow asynchronous retrieval of addons instances.
  • Themes color customization: Added a new API ‘setThemeColor’ to allowing themes customization.
  • Support for Rendering Dynamic XFA forms.
  • Support advanced editor on Mobile.
  • Exposed new UI APIs and Events for the Advanced Editor addon.
  • Support for Editing/Deleting Polygon/Polyline with /path entry.
  • Demo for the Storage API: New Demo “examples/UIExtension/custom-storage-driver/index.html” showing how to store and retrive data for some opterations.
  • Show/Hide ribbon bar: New Demo “examples/UIExtension/retractable-tab/” to demostrate how to show/hide the ribbon bar.
Bug Fixes

Fixed the issue of positional inaccuracy after executing pdfviewer.zoomAtPosition.

Resolved an error that occurred in specific files after verifying signatures, showing “Uncaught (in promise) RangeError: offset is out of bounds.”

Fixed the problem where, due to caching issues, subsequently added custom stamps always used the image of the first stamp added.

 Addressed the issue of ink discontinuity and content loss when writing with a stylus pen.

Corrected the lag in drawing with the pencil tool when zooming during editing.

Fixed the problem where, in documents with inconsistent page sizes, changing page display or resizing the browser would not center the pages.

Resolved a specific document rendering issue, where parsing failed when flipping pages during the rendering process.


November 2023

New Features/Enhancements
  • Obtain the cursor position in the text field: Added a new API GetEditingTextCaretPosition’ to retrieve the cursor position within a text field during form filling or editing.
  • Flexible font embeding control: To enhance font embedding efficiency, the Embed()function now includes the ‘is_add_all_unicodes’ parameter for controlling the embedding of either all possible unicodes or a specific unicode, and it also introduces the ‘AddUnicodes()’ method to allow users to add unicodes for the embedded font as needed.
  • XFAForm widget select status control: Added a new API ‘XFAWidget::SetCheckState()’ to control the select status for the CheckBox and Radio XFA widget.
  • Signing conforms to the PDF/A standard: In order to ensure that the signed documents comply with the PDF/A standard, the SDK has adjusted its underlying code to support image-based signatures and introduced a new API called ‘EnableEmbedFont()’ to support text-based signatures.
  • Enhanced PDF JavaScript support: This version introduces support for cursor, printparams, icon, hostcontainer, and fullscreen objects, allowing our SDK to interact with PDF documents that contain embedded JavaScript code using these specific objects.
  • Detection of multi-lines and multiple selection properties for XFA form fields: This version added new APIs ‘IsSupportMultiline()’ to check multi-line support for text field widget and ‘IsListBox()’ and ‘IsSupportMultiSelect’ to check multiple selection support for list widget.
  • Search results with adjustable context length for keywords: Added new parameters ‘sentence’, ‘match_sentence_start_text_index’ and ‘match_sentence_end_text_index’ to ‘RetrieveSearchResult()’ to allow adjustment of the context length of the search results
  • Enhanced full text searching capabilites: In this version, the full-text search engine has been upgraded, resulting in significantly improved search accuracy.
  • Office2PDF on Linux supports Libreoffice 7.0.
Bug Fixes
  • [PDF2Word]Fixed a multi-threading crash issue when the ConvertCallback function was not empty and required pausing.
  • Resolved the problem of losing signatures when calling StartRenderXFAPage() to render dynamic XFA forms.
  • Fixed OCR runtime errors and recognition inaccuracies by upgrading the OCR engine.
  • Rectified various issues related to incorrect FullTextSearch search results by upgrading the full text search engine.
  • [HTML2PDF]Fixed a specific issue where HTML-to-PDF documents displayed a successful conversion message but did not generate the file.
  • Fixed the issue of excessive memory consumption within the GeneratePreviewBitmap() API when resolving high DPI bitmaps.
  • Fixed an anomaly where the vertices of triangle-style Polygon annotations were truncated after resetting their appearance.
  • Addressed the problem of cell heights not adapting when inserting cross-page tables using InsertTablePagesToDocument.
  • Fixed an Out of Memory (OOM) exception that occurred when calling InsertTablePagesToDocument with excessively long cell content.

PDF Conversion SDK 1.5

November 2023

New Features
  • DF2Office supports page settings: This version added into PDF2OfficeSettingData with new parameters “page_range, include_pdf_comments, word_setting_data” and “enable_retain_page_layout” to enable setting pages during the conversion process.
  • Improved support for the KaiTi font.
  • Enhanced chart recognition, improving output display.
  • Enhanced compatibility with WPS Office to ensure that the resulting document maintains consistent formatting and font colors across different office editors.
Bug Fixes
  • Addressed the issue of incorrect text styling in some converted files, including missing bold formatting and inconsistent font sizes.
  • [PDF2Word] Fixed the issue of text overlap after conversion.
  • [PDF2Word] Resolved problems with the recognition and output of page-level outlines during conversion.
  • [PDF2Word] Fixed the issue where lists were not correctly recognized in some files.
  • [PDF2Word] Corrected the display of some highlight styles and annotations.
  • [PDF2Word] Fixed the problem of inconsistent watermark layout between Word and PDF after conversion.
  • [PDF2Word] Resolved the issue of missing title and author information in document properties.
  • [PDF2Word] Addressed the problem of an increased page count in the resulting Word document for specific PDF files.
  • [PDF2Word] Corrected the recognition of text objects as shape objects for dual-layout content.
  • [PDF2Word]  Fixed the problem of generating extra empty paragraphs in the resulting document.
  • [PDF2Excel] Resolved the issue of extended processing time and freezing for some files during conversion.
  • [PDF2Excel] Fixed the problem of incomplete number display in cells after conversion.
  • [PDF2Excel] Corrected the issue of reduced text size within cells after conversion.
  • [PDF2Excel] Addressed the problem of shifted content within cells after conversion.
  • [PDF2Excel] Fixed the issue of cell content wrapping after conversion.
  • [PDF2Excel] Resolved the problem of missing cell backgrounds after conversion.

Updated on March 21, 2024