Foxit PDF SDK Changelog


March 2022

  • Option for UI signature to set the default length of signature contents
  • Redaction supports fill opacity percentage and overlay text
  • More PDF JavaScript annotation properties support
  • Parameters for setting measurement ratio on polyline and polygon annotations
  • Functions for copy and paste annotations
  • Functions with scale control, multi-pages selection event and multi-pages deletion on page thumbnails
  • Merging documents automatically or with drag & drop approach
  • ARIA and Keyboard Accessibility support
  • Improved the tile rendering to avoid blank displaying when mouse scrolls
  • Fit page with zoom setting was cut out at the bottom
  • An error when importing stamp data
  • “Properties” of the redaction couldn’t be read
  • JavaScript code couldn’t trigger notifications of input validation
  • Contents of a signature displayed incorrectly
  • Render error in the single page mode
  • A couple of issues related to UIExtension.PDFUI


March 2022

  • The TOC has a new option to include catalog pages
  • Extended office2PDF support to convert on Windows/Linux ARMv8 based on WPS Engine
  • A new Timestamp callback function which supports customers to connect time stamp service by themselves
  • Added a new XFADoc::ImportData() implementation to import XFA data (XML/XDP) from memory
  • Get user’s input data when invalid data is input on a form field
  • Support PDF2XML: Convert a PDF to XML
  • Support page scaling setting for HTML2PDF conversion
  • New functions to get all annotation objects at a point
  • Added a new color mode ‘Render grayscale’ for SetJobColor() to allow for Black&White printing for “PrintManager” module
  • New Demo to show how to convert TXT file to PDF document
  • New Demo to show how to create annotations with lower-level APIs
  • Image2PDF simple_demo adds sample codes to demonstrate how to insert png, jbi2.jpx and jp2 images onto a page
  • XFA refresh issues
  • Empty MenuListArray passed to foxit::ActionCallback::PopupMenu bug
  • Series of JavaScript related issues improved
  • Improvements on file size when inserting PNG files in PDF
  • Fixed form data validation input issues”xxx-xxx-xxxx” for phone number format field
  • PDFtoXML conversion issues when file path included “\”
  • Improve the experience of file flattening with multi-signature fields

Updated on March 10, 2022