Foxit PDF SDK Changelog


September 2021

  • Measurement annotation supports for editing line leader and measurement text on both UI and API
  • Viewer watermark allows multiple insertions at one time
  • New function PDFPage::isVirtual for detecting anomalous pages
  • New function PDFViewer::printCurrentView() to print current view when a single page is in view
  • New function PDF:PDFDoc::getFile() to get PDF object
  • Rewrote the logic of “PDFUI.loading” to make the customization more flexible
  • Create-react-app using effect hook
  • PDFViewer::print() to print a selected area
  • jquery to version 3.5.0
  • PDFViewer::getPDFDocIdByHttpRangeRequest() to return specific exception data when error occurs
  • FoxitPDFSDKForWeb-VueJS-Example document to include font referencing introduction
  • Unknown type annotations in a particular file now can be correctly displayed
  • The signed document can be verified by Adobe
  • The Thai input with annotation tools can be displayed correctly
  • Reference only UIExtension.vendor.js and UIExtension.js no longer generates console errors
  • Continuously scrolling after magnifying the document no more causes a freezing error
  • Inserting watermark and zooming in the current page cause no error
  • The Field sidebar component can be removed by fragments
  • PDF pages lacks necessary dictionaries now can be processed correctly
  • The Ok button responds correctly if right-click and paste an URL when adding a link
  • GoTo action takes to the correct position
  • Link annotation can be triggered without document edit permission
  • PDF font renders correctly when calling PDFUI:setJRFontMap
  • A rendering blur issue on a particular scanned PDF file
  • The annotation shows up with the correct timestamp at UI
  • The UI now can correctly responds to the getDocPermissions settings that was set in the viewer constructors
  • The allInOne.js file now imports correctly without errors


September 2021

  • Java API for Mac platform
  • Added .NET Core target to Nuget Package “Foxit.SDK.Dotnet”
  • HTML to PDF Conversion exports as stream
  • Page template support
  • Automatic Form Field Recognition
  • FillSignObject::Move support to move Text object
  • Additional capabilities select, cut, copy, paste, delete for Text Field/Combo Box callbacks
  • Identity properties class added to the action callback
  • Functionality for multi-line text string on a page
  • “Deferred” and “Future” status for annotation
  • Option to show the level of outline when generating the TOC page
  • Line Spacing entry for text form fields
  • Method to remove an annoataton popup dialog
  • Performance of path object generation
  • FormFill feature to support social security number formatting
  • Optimized the memory usage for signature.startVerify verification method in multi-thread usage
  • Performance of foxit::pdf::interform::Field::GetControlCount()
  • Excel to pdf conversion for specific Excel documents
  • Enhancement to the graphic_objects demo for JAVA, Objective-C, .NET, C
  • Enhance the Insert GraphicsObject method
  • Incorrect merge behavior on ImportPage method
  • Header&Footer feature incorrect page margin adjustments
  • Rendering issue when SetRenderEnhanceThinLines method is set to true
  • An add image issue for special files
  • Dynamic stamps incorrect display
  • Ink signature displayed inconsistently for special files
  • ResetAppearanceStream() throws an exception when an ink annotation with FXInkType set to “PSI” width is smaller than 1.0
  • .NET Print Manager printer issues


September 2021

  • Migration of Android and Xamarin.Android to AndroidX by migrating ADAL to MSAL
  • Chrome book support
  • Split View feature on iPad
  • Support for Android 11 (target API level 30)
  • Fill & Sign supports for Undo/Redo
  • Disable/Enable the highlight of a signature field
  • “Speak” and “Copy Text” into the context menu of the area highlight comment
  • Long press to copy contents in the text field
  • Turn pages with finger swiping when annotation tool is in selection
  • Edit existing annotation when annotation tool is in selection
  • Annotation demo adds ‘export annotation data to JSAON’ sample code
  • Enhanced search funcCore API to Foxit PDF SDK 8.1
  • Enhanced the viewport calculation to better adapt the page layout with system status bar shown
  • Removed 2 unnecessary permissions requested in AndroiManifest: MANAGE_ACCOUNTS and MOUNT_UNMOUNT_FILESYSTEMS
  • Xamarin Android crash if camera is triggered
  • The foreground and background color setting is unexpected in a specific calling order
  • Unable to remove tab menu when it is in horizontal screen on Android tablets

Updated on March 20, 2024