Foxit PDF SDK Changelog


June 2022

  • Added support for getting text in a specific area
  • Added support for rich text freetext annotations
  • Added support for rendering an image inside a square annotation
  • New function PDFUI::registerSignatureFlowHandler() to rewrite the pop-up interaction dialog for signing document
  • New print function PDFViewer.printEx() to pass only document data to a browser printer
  • Added support for programmatically cropping pages
  • Added support for embedding scale information for measurements
  • Fixed the statehandler register issue after PDFUI initializing
  • Fixed the annotation importing issue after setting annotRenderingMode to canvas
  • Fixed the form field keystroke script issue
  • Fixed the memory leak issue when reloading the same file multiple times
  • Fixed the form tab key navigation issue
  • Fixed the XFDF export issue
  • Fixed the incorrect page dimension issue showing in the document properties window
  • Fixed the annotation moving with mouse issue
  • Fixed the watermark adding issue
  • Fixed the undefined error when right clicking the signature field
  • Fixed the window displaying issue with actions when right clicking on an image
  • Fixed the permission control issue with combined bitmasks
  • Fixed the issue where the form checkbox doesn’t update correctly on mobile
  • Fixed the pinch zoom position issue on mobile
  • Fixed the deleting issue when editing a text annotation’s content
  • Fixed issues where the custom permission doesn’t respond correctly at the UI level
  • Fixed the page number inconsistency between document viewer and thumbnail panel after removing pages
  • Fixed an issue where the event annotationPositionMoved was not triggered correctly when moving some annotations
  • Fixed an issue where the text field could not be edited on certain PDFs
  • Fixed an issue where the polyline disappeared after the page is flattened
  • Fixed an issue where the snap option for distance measurement did not work
  • Fixed the rendering lag issue when rotating pages using the “rotateTo” function
  • Fixed an issue where the viewMode switching lagged especially in the facing mode

Updated on June 7, 2022